Australia's National Children's Choir - Gondwana Voices


Today these choirs are among the freshest and exciting musical organisations in Australia… Williams’ philosophy has always been to aim for quality. All the rest – their notorious precision with pitch, their purity of sound, their professionalism and their joyous energy – flows from this.”
Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald, July 2010

“The Sydney Children’s Choir were clear, balanced and delightful”
Review of Mahler Symphony No.3 with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta.
Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald, July 2008


“…the finale was led by the Sydney Childrens Choir, singing words by David Malouf with wonderfully refreshing purity or sound and simple musicality of shape.”

Peter McCallum, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 2006


"Lyn Williams OAM is a remarkable musician. As artistic director of the Sydney Children's Choir she not only leads generations of youngsters into music but is also responsible for commissioning more than 50 works from Australian composers, as well as performing the greatest choral music from around the world."
The Sunday Telegraph, September 2005

"Arguably Sydney's most influential conductor is Lyn Williams whose direction of the Sydney Children's Choir is inspirational."
Fred Blanks, The North Shore Times, September 2005

"Benjamin Britten never underestimated the sophistication of children, and nor does the artistic director of Sydney Children's Choir, Lyn Williams. The 60 choristers, aged from nine to 16, took on the tough and unsentimental score with total commitment and impressive musicianship."
Harriet Cunningham, The Sydney Morning Herald, September 2005

"The great joy was to hear the beautiful unforced open throated clarity and colour of the Lyn's Williams' Sydney Children's Choir and Gondwana Voices."
Peter McCallum, The Sydney Morning Herald, January 2004

"Gordon's writing for children's choir, in particular, was very effective and sung with exquisite clarity and purity by Gondwana Voices and Sydney Children's Choir."
Murray Black, The Australian, January 2004


"...Seeing and hearing these choirs perform was a revelation. Everything was sung from memory and the expressive freedom that this allowed - the smiles, the dancing eyes, the swaying limbs - lit up everything before them. There was astonishing precision and commitment; a spread of languages that allows their programs to be exotic musical tours; and a warm, almost exclusive embrace of new music. Virtually every piece [this] group sings is less than 10 years old. Their heads are as unencumbered by a sense of history and tradition as musicians were before the 18th century, a time when music had little or no past ... when Lyn Williams conducts the Sydney Children's Choir ... I see and hear the open freshness of young musical minds relishing their musical present, and lighting a path to a new musical future."
Meurig Bowen, Australian Financial Review, May 2000

"Here are my nominations for some other high points of a Huntington incredibly rich in major musical experiences ... Lyn Williams's Sydney Children's Choir for reminding us of the absorbed and confident joy in making music that underpins every hope we have for a musical future."
Roger Covell, The Sydney Morning Herald, December 2000

"The children should feel extremely proud of their participation and high level of involvement in the ceremony [Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games]. They are a credit to their parents and to your organisation."
David Stratton, Ceremonies Team, SOCOG, 2000

From Parents & Choristers

“My experiences as a member of the Sydney Children's Choir are extremely valuable to me, not just professionally, but also personally. The Choir provided the foundation for my continuing development as both a musician and individual. It also nurtured a passion for music that was challenging and exciting. The performance opportunities provided by the Choir gave me an entry into a network of superb musicians that I'm privileged to work with now. On top of all this, I made some wonderful friends for life; some of them are now musicians, others are working in completely different industries but we still reminisce about our time in the Choir together, about the music itself and everything that came with it. I have a great affection for SCC and the experiences I had and the things I learnt I will always carry with me.” Jane Sheldon


“I feel a debt of gratitude to you all for assisting Jordan, not just musically but in improving his ability to concentrate, participate and socialize. Thank you for providing an environment which promotes enjoyment and love of music and which imparts the skills and discipline required to perform so magnificently.” Sydney Children’s Choir Parent

"Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her Choir experience this year and her singing has changed dramatically. Thank you very much for the guidance, encouragement and knowledge with which you inspire the children." Sydney Children’s Choir Parent

"Thank you for the most wonderful year of the many wonderful years we have enjoyed with the Choir. We are always truly inspired by your passion, talent, dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. We feel our daughter has been enriched immeasurably by the Choir and we are immensely grateful for the many joyous experiences you have provided for her."

Sydney Children’s Choir Parent