Australia's National Children's Choir - Gondwana Voices

Our Organisation

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Company Information

The Sydney Children’s Choir is managed by Gondwana Choirs. We are headquartered in Millers Point, Sydney.


We are a not for profit organisation and receive funding from the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts NSW as well as fundraising, participation fees and performance income.


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Our mission
To engage in the practice and performance of choral music at the highest level, allowing young people to fulfill their potential.

To ensure that young people have the opportunity to fulfil their musical potential by offering them the highest level of training and a chance to collaborate with their talented peers from across Australia and the world.


To offer young people the skills and opportunities to succeed in a professional environment with the very finest artists in Australia, across a broad range of art forms.


To continue to develop our unique Australian repertoire of choral works and to encourage choristers to participate in composition and the creation of new works.


To ensure that any suitably talented young person has the opportunity to participate in our programs without financial, social, physical or distance barriers.

To provide a happy and a safe environment in which young people are proud to learn, perform, compose, be inspired, socialise and flourish

To view our duty of care policy please contact our General Manager, Bernie Heard on (02) 8274 7007 or