Australia's National Children's Choir - Gondwana Voices

How to apply

Applying to join the Sydney Children's Choir is an easy process. Simply follow our step by step instructions and you're on your way!

  1. Children in school Years 3 and above are required to complete a simple placement test to determine which of our training choirs best suits their age and skill.
    Children in school Years 1 & 2 (Mini Singers) do not need to sit a placement test.

    The next round of placement tests will be held during Term 1, 2015 to begin in Term 2 (April 2015). Please submit an enquiry and we will contact you directly.

  2. Click here to complete our online enquiry form - ensure that you answer all sections.

  3. If you have any further questions please contact us:
    Phone: 02 8274 7001

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sydney Children's Choir!




Why should I join the Sydney Children’s Choir?
All children who love to sing should join the Sydney Children’s Choir. In an atmosphere of fun and encouragement, children from year one onwards learn music and performance skills and as they progress through the choir, they gradually develop the skill and confidence to perform and record at a professional level.


What’s the best thing about being in the Sydney Children’s Choir?
There are many benefits to joining the Sydney Children’s Choir from making great friends with similar interests, to performing in the greatest concert halls and with the finest musicians in the country. Choristers also love undertaking overseas tours and meeting singers and musicians from all over the world. Children who progress to the higher levels of the Choir develop remarkable focus and concentration skills. These skills are applicable to all areas of endeavour. For budding young musicians, there is no better ear training than being part of a great choir.


Do I have to audition?
Children in school Years 1 & 2 do not have to audition but are automatically placed in a choir for their age if there are suitable vacancies. From school Year 3 onwards there is a very informal placement test just to find which choir is best suited to the applicant’s skill and maturity.
What happens at the informal placement test?
Interested choristers simply need to sing their favorite song to just one person listening. We hear lots of Christmas carols at this time of year! After the song they will be asked to sing a few simple patterns that they hear on the piano. High school children may be required to demonstrate their knowledge of music theory.

The placement test is all over in about five minutes and everyone leaves with a smile on their face!