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Choral Training Program

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The Sydney Children's Choir has fourteen separate choirs, named after Australian composers, rehearsing weekly. Children are placed into the choir most appropriate for their level of musical and personal maturity. We aim to make each child feel challenged but happy within their choral environment.

  1. Educational Objectives
  2. Joining The Choir
  3. Saturday School (Millers Point)
  4. Sydney Children's Choir Weekday Choirs (Millers Point)
  5. Membership
  6. Funding and Fees
  7. Term Dates


1. Educational Objectives
The Sydney Children's Choir's Choral Training Program aims to develop skills in the following areas:

  • choral singing

  • music theory

  • aural and sight-singing

  • musical appreciation

  • ensemble work

  • performance

  • movement

  • drama

  • artistic creativity

  • artistic expression and style

  • professionalism on and off stage touring

  • leadership

  • dedication and commitment

  • self-discipline & maturity

  • personal awareness

  • self-confidence


2. Joining The Choir

Singers in school Years 1 and 2 are not required to take a placement test, but are instead placed in the Mini-Singers Choirs on a first come, first served basis. Please note that waiting lists apply for some choirs.


Choristers joining in school Year 3 or above need to take a simple, non-intimidating placement test to determine which of our choirs is appropriate for them. Placement tests are held several times throughout the year depending on the availability of places in the Choir. A fee of $15 is charged for sitting the test.


In addition, choristers’ progress is assessed throughout the year to determine whether they are still in the choir most appropriate to their skills and needs.

For information on how to apply, CLICK HERE


3.Saturday School

Saturday School is a busy day of rehearsals and classes held at The Wharf Rehearsal Room, Pier 4, Hickson Road, Millers Point. There is also a full timetable of music craft and theory classes, as well as sight-singing classes for senior choristers.


Whilst choristers in the Saturday choirs can expect to take part in open rehearsals, one minor and one major performance during the year, in general these choirs are training choirs. Developing their music theory skills and learning to sing in a choir, without the pressure of an upcoming performance, is the first vital part of training with the Sydney Children's Choir.


Choristers in school Years 1 and 2 each have their own special choirs called Mini-Singers. The size of these groups is kept deliberately small to encourage individuality within the group and so as not to be intimidating. Singers are taught songs and musical games to develop skills in pitch, rhythm, concentration and co-ordination, as well as learning how to use their voices properly.

4. Sydney Children's Choir's Weekday Choirs

Senior Choir
The Senior Choir is the Sydney Children's Choir's main performing and touring choir. It has a reputation, both in Australia and internationally, as a choir of exceptional standard which performs interesting and demanding repertoire. Such a reputation is gained and maintained through the work and dedication of the choristers who rehearse every Thursday afternoon. It is exceptionally rare for new auditioning choristers to be directly offered a place in the Senior Choir.


Kats-Chernin Choir & Leek Choir
These choirs focus on developing the advanced choral and performance skills required for the performance of choral music at a high level. A strong emphasis is placed on the development of part-singing and sight-singing skills, and on assisting choristers in learning to work independently within the group. Choristers are expected to take a professional attitude towards their choral singing; therefore good behaviour and attendance at all rehearsals are required. These choirs increasingly represent the Sydney Children's Choir in public performances. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday afternoons.

6. Funding and Fees

2014 SCC Participation Fees




For 1 year

Junior Training Choirs

Mini Singers Year 1
Mini Singers Year 2


Intermediate Training Choirs

Paul Jarman Choir
Ruth McCall Choir
Dan Walker Choir
Ben van Tienen Choir


Senior Training Choirs

Joseph Twist Choir
Sally Whitwell Choir
Michael Atherton Choir
Paul Stanhope Choir


Junior Performing Choirs

Elena Kats-Chernin Choir
Stephen Leek Choir


Senior Performing Choirs

Senior Choir
Young Men's Choir
Lyn Williams Choir





For all students in Twist Choir and above, at $60 learning Resource Levy is applicable. For all students undertaking Music Theory study with Sydney Children's Choir, books can be purchased for $20 each.


Choristers in Twist and above will attend a compulsory camp in Semester 1.

GST is not applicable to these fees.


7. Term Dates

Sydney Children’s Choir follows the standard NSW school terms as listed by the Education Department.