Australia's National Children's Choir - Gondwana Voices

About the Music

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The Sydney Children's Choir regularly holds workshops with leading Australian performers, composers and artists. Recently these have included:

Sani Townson (Torres Strait Islander music and movement)

Mara & Llew Kiek (Bulgarian choral singing)

Matthew Doyle (Wunuwiri Music and didgeridu playing)

Lucy Voronov, Larissa Burak and Anatoli Torjinski (Ukrainian and Belorussian music)

Paul Jarman (composition)

Dan Walker (composition)

Paul Stanhope (composition)

Luke Robinson (percussion)

Rouna Daley (drama)

Stephen Clarke (dance)

Louise Bonser (visual art)

Charles Altman (visual art)

Anna Maria Dell’oso (writing)

Through direct contact with these musicians and composers, we hope to increase our choristers' understanding of what music is and how can be made, and to enthuse and inspire them through a wide variety of musical role models.

The Sydney Children's Choir's is dedicated to commissioning and performing works by contemporary Australian composers. In this way, SCC has greatly increased the previously limited canon of works available for children's choirs.

The Sydney Children's Choir performs songs from around the world, singing in languages as diverse as Finnish, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ancient Greek, Swedish, and of course English.